7 Delicious of Healthy Fats

  It is a common misconception that fats in food make people fat. It is not true, it is sugar especially processed sugars that make people fat. When deciding food choices, it is important to keep in mind that if something is fat-free, it is very likely to have more sugar to make up the … Continue reading 7 Delicious of Healthy Fats


The Best Nail Polish that I have Ever Used

Inglot Breathable Nail Enamel nail polish is awesome! I have been using it for over a year and it is amazing how convenient it is. It lasts longer than other nail polish that I have used before. I always get compliments on the color when I wear it. The colors are so beautiful and not … Continue reading The Best Nail Polish that I have Ever Used

Off the Las Vegas Strip Artsy Fun!!!

Las Vegas is known for the famous Strip where people from all over the world getaway from their busy lives to come out and enjoy the fun, magic, and the night away. However, there is an extremely popular sub-culture and event which is happening where there are artists coming together to show their work to … Continue reading Off the Las Vegas Strip Artsy Fun!!!

The Bodies Exhibition Museum

The Bodies…Exhibit in the Luxor Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip was very interesting. I got to see live bodies of structure right underneath the skin where you see organs, muscles, bones, nerves, from every angle without a glass between myself and the bodies!!! It felt like looking at a live version of … Continue reading The Bodies Exhibition Museum