The Best Skincare that I have used

  Coconut Oil!!!


As I have been living in Henderson, Nevada for the past nine months, I have noticed that my skin would be dry all the time. I would put lotion on my skin more than 3 times a day just to see it look like cracked sand in 15 minutes!!! I listened to a lecture that coconut oil is great for your health and skin and decided to look more into the information on it. The lecture also mentioned that the coconut oil to be used needs to be natural and is not an over the counter product at any store that contains various chemicals.

So I went and got the most natural coconut oil from Whole Foods that is organic, expeller pressed, virgin coconut oil. The picture of the exact product is on top. So far I have been using coconut oil for a little over two weeks on my hands, arms, legs, and lips. I have seen a great difference. I only used coconut oil only once a day on my hands with about one quarter of a teaspoon and my hands would be soft, hydrated, and non-sticky all day!!! I also have certain dry spots on my legs that are not longer dry now. I believe it is important to spend your money wisely and try to get something that is inexpensive or reasonably priced. The best part is that it is not expensive at all. I happened to buy it on sale for about 9 dollars after tax when the retail value was 12 dollars before tax. Regardless, whether you buy this product on sale or not, it is much cheaper than buying lotions from any store you go to that beats this price and benefit to your skin.


5 thoughts on “The Best Skincare that I have used

  1. Smitten Little Things says:

    I love using coconut oil! I especially love how much cheaper it is when you buy it at the grocery store vs. “specialty products”. My absolute favorite thing to do with it is to whiten my teeth! If you swish it in your mouth while you’re taking a shower or doing your hair for roughly 30 mins you will have a noticeably whiter smile! If you try it let me know what you think! Its my go-to!

    • hanbali452 says:

      Hello there, thank you for your comment. I have not tried your idea. It’s funny how there are so many benefits to coconut oil and I have not seen that idea. I will definitely give it a try and get back to you on how it goes.

    • hanbali452 says:

      Oh Wow!!! I would love to have recipe ideas while using coconut oil. It’s awesome that you can make coconut milk on your own. It would be a great article on how to make pressed coconut milk or even oil if you know how. 🙂

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