The Bodies Exhibition Museum

The Bodies…Exhibit in the Luxor Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip was very interesting. I got to see live bodies of structure right underneath the skin where you see organs, muscles, bones, nerves, from every angle without a glass between myself and the bodies!!! It felt like looking at a live version of the human body that are shown in anatomy and physiology books. It almost felt too good to be true. At first, I didn’t think that the bodies were real. All I thought was that the artist or artists who put the pieces together did a great job.

Until I looked at one of the posters at the wall of exhibit that mentions how the bodies were able to be preserved. The poster states that “Polymer Preservation, 1. A human specimen is temporary preserved to stop decay, 2. The specimen is dissected to feature specific systems and structures, 3. The dissection is immersed in acetone to evacuate all body water, 4. Dehydrated, the specimen is placed in a silicone polymer bath and sealed in a vacuum chamber, 5. Under vacuum, acetone leaves the body in gas form and is replaced by silicone polymer hardens in curing, 7. The permanently preserved specimen, with its structures intact is ready for examination and study”. I couldn’t stop thinking how interesting the process must be to preserve the bodies. I can’t stop thinking that these bodies were real and I am not freaking out, yet surprised.

As I walked around the museum, I got to see different body parts behind the glass. I felt pretty smart and recognized most of the body parts and where it fits into the body. I definitely thank my medical terminology course for learning most of that stuff. If you haven’t taken any courses related to anatomy and physiology, the Bodies…Exhibit offers tours that explains the body parts and functions to you or a group. However, I do know that there is still a lot more to learn.

I am amazed that I was able to see nerves, which I wasn’t sure that you could actually see them. I thought that we were only able to see arteries and veins, but I was not aware that you could see nerves in the body. I knew where the spleen is and how it can enlarge. I, however, did not know that the spleen enlarges when other parts of the body is not working as well. For an example, if a kidney ends up not being able to function correctly or quickly, the spleen ends up doing work of its own part of the body while doing some of the functions that are done by the kidney. I thought that was pretty interesting that the body can shift its function on another organ. The reason why the spleen would grow is because it is working harder. As a muscle in the body, just like a body builder, it grows and enlarges.

There was a section of fetuses at different days in age; I was amazed how quickly a fetus grows in five days. I saw two fetuses one that was thirty days old while the other one was thirty-five days old. It was interesting that in five days, the fetus would develop toes. A fetus that is four months old looks pretty developed too. I find it amazing how quickly the cells develop through meiosis cell division! I thought that babies grow fast when they are alive and out of the womb.

There were a couple of sections that showed the difference between healthy body parts and common diseases. For an example, there was an exhibit that showed a healthy kidney next to another kidney that had kidney stones. There was also another one that showed a health prostrate gland next to another prostrate gland that had cancer.

There was a section that showed that smoking one pack of cigarettes can lose a person’s life by three hours. I did not know that cigarettes were that bad for you. They even had a box for people to throw out their cigarettes. I was impressed that there were quite a few of them there. As a non-smoker, I thought that was pretty cool. They even had two sets of lungs where one was a smoker and the other one was a non-smoker pair of lungs, there is definitely a different in the bodies. The smoker lungs were definitely much darker and looked ashy. It was amazing to see the difference instead of being told what to do like we do when it comes to raising awareness to our communities about these health issues. I think showing these visuals could make a stronger impact on people to rethink about smoking.

There were so many interesting things at the exhibit that I wish that I can go there again. I am glad that I even had the opportunity to go!!! If you haven’t gone to the exhibit yet, you should definitely go, it is something that you really don’t want to miss out on!!! Especially the one in Las Vegas.


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