Off the Las Vegas Strip Artsy Fun!!!

Las vegas

Las Vegas is known for the famous Strip where people from all over the world getaway from their busy lives to come out and enjoy the fun, magic, and the night away. However, there is an extremely popular sub-culture and event which is happening where there are artists coming together to show their work to the art lovers from all over the nation and world!!!

It is called First Friday, where the first month of every Friday artists and local business owners come out to show their art, products, and services. The event is huge and there are a ton of various art forms to see whether it is paintings, jewelry, creative foods, or various dances. The food booths can be anywhere from corn on a cob to fried twinkies to jalapeno wrapped in bacon. This event is definitely for those who would love to showcase their art of various types such as painting, clothing, salsa, hip hop, break dance, etc. It is a must go to hang out that one is missing out when you don’t hang out off of the Las Vegas Strip!!! Especially those who love art!!!


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