The Best Nail Polish that I have Ever Used


Inglot Breathable Nail Enamel nail polish is awesome! I have been using it for over a year and it is amazing how convenient it is. It lasts longer than other nail polish that I have used before. I always get compliments on the color when I wear it.

The colors are so beautiful and not too crazy to wear every day. The colors come on smooth and shiny and not sparkly or shimmery. I personally do like to wear sparkly nail polish, but not on a day to day basis. I like wearing those during a special occasion even though one can never go wrong wearing nail polish anytime.

The nice component about the nail polish is that the nails are able to breath which is important to keep them healthy to prevent dryness, discoloration, and/or ridging (Oliver 2015).

Instead of taking a break from wearing nail polish, one can wear Inglot Breathable Nail Enamel nail polish  which can be worn for up to 4 layers of polish still have one’s nails to breath to sustain health as one enjoys the beauty of having their nails done.

It is design to be worn while attaining one’s nail to be breathable by wearing  a white enamel for the first layer. Next one would wear two layers of the nail polish color of their choice that is breathable. Lastly, one would wear a breathable shiny coat. However, that doesn’t stop how one goes about wearing their nail polish.


Oliver, Dana. (2015). Huffington Post. Retreived on July 18, 2016. Retrieved at:


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