7 Delicious of Healthy Fats


It is a common misconception that fats in food make people fat. It is not true, it is sugar especially processed sugars that make people fat. When deciding food choices, it is important to keep in mind that if something is fat-free, it is very likely to have more sugar to make up the taste of the fat that was in the product. I made a list of healthy fats to keep in mind of what to eat. Healthy fats are great in that it keeps the body full longer whereas with sugar makes the body craving for more food. Also another benefit of healthy fats is that it keeps the body energized throughout the day. Whereas with high sugar diets, the person is not energetic.

I still personally struggle with cutting down and eliminating sugars in my diet. One time I was successful drastically cut down the amounts of sugar that I once ate with the help of a nutrition counselor as we went over my diet together. I did not eat large amounts of sugar for six weeks. I could not be prouder of myself at that point. I lost fifteen pounds and I even stopped exercising! Which I shouldn’t have done.

It is a working process. Luckily, I have my diary of how I did it. It is a matter of getting back into it. When I look at food, I can’t help to look at the label to see how much sugar are in foods. I live in California, so it feels like it is everywhere! Here is a list of healthy fats to keep in mind when eating throughout the day. The average person needs at least four to eight teaspoon a day.

Adding healthy fats in one’s diet does not mean that one should stop eating a balanced meal containing the right amount of carbohydrates and protein. I feel that it is a component of a balanced meal that gets taken out in many foods for greedy companies to be more profitable while getting customers addicted to their food. It is unfortunate that there is not much awareness on the issue.

  1. Olive oil                                                                                                                     coconut oil
  2. Coconut oil                                                                                                             avocado
  3. Avocados                                                                                                                tahini
  4. Tahini                                                                                                                      almond butter
  5. Almond Butter                                                                                                      sunflower butter
  6. Sunflower Butter                                                                                                 cashew butter
  7. Cashew Butter

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